In Ayurveda, we recognize three seasons.

1) Autumn/Winter

2) Spring

3) Summer

It is very important to change and adhere to the seasons not only our nutritional intake but our lifestyle also. Always remember to eat seasonally. Eat the foods that are in season so that your body can maximize its ability to maintain and strengthen immunity and vitality. We connote good health to High immunity in Ayurveda. Some of the best ways to stay healthy during the winter months are to keep our energy inward. We can do this by slowing down a little and moving into rhythms and efforts that can preserve our energy.


It is good to still be active but to also increase our meditation practice and reflect on our actions and plans. Winter is a great time to design and reflect on plans of actions we are creating new endeavors and upcoming responsibilities. It is a great time to marinate in what we have cultivated over the summer season and internalize our energy for brewing up solidification and maturity in future endeavors.


It is important to become more reflective and internal during the winter months also as it is a time when our metabolism also slows down. Eating hearty, cooked foods and minimizing stress can optimize our overall health and well- being.


When we move with the seasons we are in a place to not only honor ourselves but honor our earth. Moving inward as the cold season sets in can help us re-design and refine our health and lifestyle habits. A great way to do this is to cleanse.


It is good to cool and calm the system down with green leafy vegetables and whole grains, soups, and seasonal stewed fruits. Our Chandanni Liver Cleanse is a great way to cool and calm the liver down whole resetting the whole system.


It is a fourteen-day journey that comes with a handbook and support from Chandani herself. It is a good cleanse for everyone. For more info please go to this link: In the winter slow down and go inward. It is a great time to take a break and internalize your energy. Read more about  Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse here!