As winter months’ approach, it is super important to keep the body and skin hydrated and nourished. The extreme cold and climate change can cause dryness in our skin. Eating the right diet and taking care of our skincare regimen is super important as we move into the winter season. Eating foods rich in good oils and nutrition is important in creating optimal emulsification and adding to our skin’s moisture barrier.


Eat squashes and sweet potatoes with coconut oil and other rich oils like walnut, olive, and flax. All these oils not only satiate the skin and system with omegas and emulsification but also aid in the balancing of hormones. Eating oil-rich foods and nourishing the diet with beta-carotene and vitamins is a great way to support the skin in its elasticity, vibrancy, and hydration.


We love helping people with their skin during the winter months with our Face Grace or Face Grace Rose Moisturizer. This oil-rich formula with satiate and heal all skin types including dry skin to get the nutrition and moisture it needs.


A beautiful formula made with organic almond oil, organic sesame seed oil, calendula oil, lavender, and rosewood will leave your skin smooth, hydrated and healed.A great skin regimen begins with a good diet and followed by a great moisturizer. Give Face Grace Organic Moisturizer a try.