It’s important to remain grateful for where we are at in our lives—to celebrate small successes as well as big ones. The experience of sadness helps us heal, evolve and trust that no matter what the circumstance, we can always find a way forward. During this time of political unrest in a divided nation, it is a great opportunity to take care of our personal lifestyle choices.


Our lifestyle choices shape our reality, moment to moment. This can not be repeated enough.


  • Eat good food.

  • Take time for yourself wherever and whenever you can.

  • Rest when possible.

  • Spend quality time with friends and family.

  • Work on the things that inspire you and challenge you and the world to be better.


We are always in a place to re-construct, re-design, re-evaluate and restore ourselves physically and emotionally. Our greatest strength is our ability to acknowledge and witness our vulnerability—to harness it for growth and ingenuity on all accounts.


Life is incredibly personal. It’s an experiment—a quest—to repair, restore, and overcome challenges with fluidity and ease. Let the simple choices of your life lead you to great places. The action is revolutionary in itself. Taking action to take care of ourselves and our lives from simple, practical measures is instrumental to change. Positive change.



On a lighter note, we are so pleased to have been awarded the SOPHIE ULIANO GORGEOUSLY GREEN BEAUTY AWARDS for our  SKINCARE AND WELLNESS PRODUCTS.


 Thank you, Sophie, for believing in us and celebrating us in this way!

Again it’s nice to remember that we can always move forward and look ahead with optimism and heart whenever we choose despite challenges and circumstances.


Honoring you and our earth.

Love, Chandanni