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3 Toner Special

3 Toner Special

Tantalizing toners and atomizers made with Rose, Orange Blossom, Lavender, Bergamot and Lemon to tone and soothe the skin, relax & revitalize the senses. This special 3-Pack combo comes as... Learn More



Daily Beauty 4-Pack Gift

Daily Beauty 4-Pack Gift

Chandanni’s Beauty pick’s for a daily beauty regimen with maximum efficacy. Face Grace Moisturizer (2oz): made with organic Almond oil, Organic Sesame oil and high grade oils of Rosewood, Lavender,... Learn More



Face Grace Moisturizer

A beautiful Organic Moisturizer fit for all skin types. It will hydrate, nourish and heal the skin. Made with organic almond and sesame oil and highest grade essential oils.  Ingredients: Organic... Learn More


Face Grace Rose Moisturizer

Our fine and rich Face Grace Rose Moisturizer is made with Organic Oils and Powerful Essential oils including Rose to penetrate the dermal layers of the face leaving it nourished,... Learn More


Flawless Moisturizer

This magical non greasy formula is the perfect day cream for those with problematic or oily skin. It is a lightweight moisturizer infused with healing essential oils and aloe vera... Learn More


Glow Face Wash

Allow the powerful healing remedies of honey, aloe and essential oils wash your face clean, leaving your skin hydrated, rid of dirt and finished with a glow. We suggest using... Learn More


Lavender Sunrise Facial Toner & Atomizer

This toner is fit for all skin types. Let your skin be swept with the powerful and relaxing scent of Orange Blossom water and Lavender essential oils as your skin... Learn More


Rising Rose Facial Toner & Atomizer

This Toner fit for all skin types. Made with rosewater and lavender. This facial toner and hydrator is great to uplift the mood and nourish the skin. Can be used... Learn More


Shunya Ultimate Eye Gel

Our Ultimate Eye Gel uses organic grape seed oil, organic rose hip oil, organic sweet almond oil and organic vegetable glycerin with the essential oils of Frankincense, Geranium and Orange... Learn More


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