Ayurveda is the natural healing science of life from India. It dates back over five thousand years and is the grandmother of all healing modalities. Both allopathic and alternative. In the twenty-first century, Ayurveda is more prevalent and more urgent than ever. With our diverse and numerous cultures, we have access to so much in our world today.


Ayurveda is a living science that recognizes the individual as a complete and unique organism with a specific architecture and purpose. This means that each one of us, no matter who we are, or where we are from have certain potentials, characteristics, and acumen.


When we recognize our individual, unique state of balance and inherent functioning we can move continuously into a state of integrated whole health in order to live fully and achieve these parameters of possibility.

Being balanced and healthy is at the forefront of Ayurveda. To move continuously from a state of imbalance to balance. It is a science that recognizes the deep connectivity of all living things with respect to laws that govern the universe. It establishes it's basic understanding of the five elements in our world, fire, water, ether, air, and earth.


When we come to understand the subtle and gross pinnings of how incredibly powerful these elements play into our lives and existence itself, we can fall into a natural understanding and harmony within our world and evolve beyond all perceived limitations.

Ayurveda deals with the understanding that inherently the world is empty and meaningless and through ritual, ceremony, and culture we bring meaning and purpose to it. We define the temperature and the texture of how we create this world with the raw materials at hand.


Everything is based on energy and the properties of energy, including the juxtaposition of energy with respect to inertia. Ayurveda does not leave anything out and recognizes every aspect of life as the definitive experience of what is manifest.

When we move continuously into a state of integrated whole health and move back into balance, again and again, we are thrust into a state of harmony and continual transformation. It is as vast as the universe, the potential of each of our individual evolution and it can defy all outer limitations like race, age, economic background or culture. It is groundbreaking as it brings all facets and aspects into one common ground of cause and effect, practice and deliberation.


I have dedicated my life to the existential practice and investigation of Ayurveda not only within my own life but the life of others in the world. The practice of integrated whole health is the single most urgent and accessible revolution we have access to today. Becoming, again and again, more aware, more connected and more aligned is the birthright of every human being.


Ayurveda recognizes this and offers this to all. Us as a people, the earth, the economy, our cultures, compassion, imbalance, balance, injustice, justice, these are all a signature and design first and foremost from the state of the self. The architecture and actions of the self-reflect our world state today.


Ayurveda takes karma from the past, understands it, recognizes it and then moves it back to the basics of the elements of the earth. Bringing the being or the situation back to harmony, balance and whole health. It is all in the small acts and actions we undergo. It is all about our life and lifestyle choices. Moment to moment, day to day. When we recognize this, everything changes, for the better, immediately.