Organic Facewash
Washing your face is not rocket science. You only need to buy a face wash natural, lather up, rinse off, and that's it! Right? Well, that may be wrong! You're probably making some pretty common mistakes while performing your beauty routine.  
If you feel that your skin lacks freshness or has lost its shiny appearance, you should pay more attention to how you wash your face. Some habits are seemingly harmless but can wreak havoc on the skin, causing excessive dryness or breakouts.  
Do you want to read what they are? Keep reading this post and get to know the most common face wash mistakes.  
Using the wrong product  
Do you want to have perfect skin? The first thing you should do is buy the right products for your skin type. Maybe your skin is dry, oily or prone to acne. In either case, there will be different products that work best for each skin type, and you should figure out which one is best for you!  Make sure that your cleanser removes all the dirt and grime that your face can accumulate daily but avoid choosing an abrasive product that strips your skin of its natural oils.  
Washing your face too often  
Many people don't know it, but washing your face too often can make your skin worse. However, finding the right answer also depends on your skin type. People with oily skin should wash their face twice a day at most, while people with dry skin only need to clean their face once.  
If you prefer or require washing your face only once a day, try to do it at night instead of every morning. In this way, you will be able to remove all the dirt and contaminants that accumulated on your face during the day. Remember that such contaminants can contribute to skin aging.  
Using too hot or too cold water 
Sometimes, especially when waking up on a rainy morning or in winter, it can be tempting to raise the water temperature. However, hot water can dry out your skin and send signals to your glands to increase oil production, trying to combat that sudden dryness.  
Moreover, hot water can make your skin look red and flushed, even making your acne worse. On the other hand, very cold water can harm the skin, as it prevents pores from opening. Always try to use water at room temperature!  
Applying the cleanser incorrectly  
Another mistake that people tend to make more frequently is to apply the cleanser incorrectly. When using a light cleansing lotion, it is advisable to apply it on dry skin and rub it for some seconds. In this way, the oils in the product can break down makeup and dirt on your skin.  
Then, what you should do is slightly moisten your fingertips to help activate and emulsify the cleanser. You should make sure to apply the product in a circular outward motion.  It's also important to give cleaners enough time to work. Follow the product's instructions to boost its active ingredients.
Over-exfoliating your face 
We all know that exfoliation can remove dead cells that build up on your skin over time, helping facial cleansers penetrate your skin. But exfoliating too often can also be harmful, as it causes dryness, irritation, and flakiness. Dermatologists recommend exfoliating the face only once a week.  
Rubbing your face or using washcloths 
After a natural face wash, you probably want to rub your face with a towel. But it can be a big mistake! Rubbing your face can remove the fatty acids and proteins that protect the skin from irritation. Some people also use wipes before and after washing their face, but that's wrong. If it is necessary to use a washcloth, be sure to choose a soft and clean one at each wash. Nonetheless, we recommend using your hands, remembering to wash them before cleaning to avoid introducing bacteria into the skin.  
Leaving the skin exposed  
After drying and washing your skin, apply a serum or moisturizer and leave it on for 60 seconds. According to experts, it is important to employ creams after washing your face to retain the hydration it gets from the water. But some products can irritate when applied to wet skin. Read well the instructions of those you choose.  
Relying on makeup wipes  
Yes, makeup wipes are very convenient. However, they can cause skin problems. Specialists say these products spread dirt and makeup residues through the skin instead of removing them. You can use them, but we advise you to do a complete wash after that.  
Final thoughts  
If you've made some of these mistakes when washing your face, don't worry! As mentioned, many people do not know how to wash their face correctly and maintain some habits that are not as healthy as they think.  
However, everything can change! By avoiding these mistakes and use an all-natural organic face wash, your skin will improve a lot!