Each time we think of relaxation with a touch of luxurious indulgence, our mind cannot stop but picture a glorious warm bath filled with divine smelling bubbly solution. A warm bath with a blend of lavishly scented bath soap is the ultimate food for the soul. It manages to wash away the entire locked-up stress and strain of the day while giving us therapeutic moments of spa-like indulgence. However, along with the stress, the bath soap solution also washes away the natural oil layer from our skin while making it dry, lustreless, and deprived of hydration.

Apart from the dry and itchy skin, many sensitive-skinned people may also suffer from tiny eczema patches and skin peeling. The lovely bubbles result from detergent as a key ingredient with many synthetics used for the fragrance and coloring. On the other hand, an organic bath oil imparts a sense of relaxation minus all the chemical synthetics.

An organic bath oil consisting of a balanced, beautiful blend of essential oils and natural skin nutrients offers you authentic skin benefits while leaving your senses relaxed and rejuvenated.


When it comes to nourishing, protecting, and nurturing your skin, plant-based oils can do it all. With an organic bath oil, you can moisturize your skin at the same time while cleansing your body and getting rid of dirt, grime and sweat during your bath. An advantage is that you won't have to spend extra time applying body lotion post your bath, and you can leave it as it is. Plus, let's not forget about the delicious aroma you get to leave with after every bath session.


Certain brands (like ours) create a well-balanced formulation that can even double up as an organic massage oil. Our Naked Body and Bath oil range bring a sense of warmth as you massage it over your skin, thus, improving blood circulation, reducing fatigue and stiffness.


Bath oils have much greater penetration power than any moisturizing soap or body wash. Hence, they can nourish and moisturize the skin more deeply while making it soft and supple. In addition to this, the essential oils also contain anti-bacterial and microbial properties that help prevent any skin allergies or diseases, thus, keeping it glowing and healthy. Besides, bathing in organic bath oil helps the skin retain the moisturizing properties for a longer time, thus leading to prolonged radiance.


Investing in a smart product like our Naked Body and Bath oil gets you the dual premium benefits of a body massage oil and bath oil. This way, you don't have to purchase two products separately to achieve the same skin purpose, i.e., clean, glowing, and healthy skin. An important thing to note here is that most body washes and soap bubble bottles primarily contain water as the vital ingredient. So, if you really think about it, you are spending your hard-earned bucks on just water. Contrarily, bath oils contain a balanced concentration of natural oils with other organic extracts for skin nourishment.


That's it! You bring the excellence of pure natural ingredients to care and caress your skin minus the harmful excessive drying or any side effects with organic bath oil.

It's always a good idea to spend after natural ingredients that will be going into your skin rather than a bottle filled with a pretty color that will be washed away anyway. https://chandanni.com/