most hectic time of the year. We have a hundred things on our plates, from revamping the décor to match the festive vibes and preparing a guest list for the party to getting our family and friends thoughtful gifts. 

Amidst the preparations, skincare may take a backseat. BUT it is actually the season to take extra care of our skin to look fabulous and glow throughout the festivities. So, don’t switch water with eggnog and be diligent in nourishing your skin with an organic face serum, like our Facial Portion Serum, and a good moisturizer, like our Face Grace Moisturizer.

We have a few skincare tips that will ensure your skin complexion is prepped for the holiday season. Whether you hope to kiss your date under the mistletoe or you and your partner have a romantic, old-fashioned sleigh ride planned, your glow will enchant. 

Don’t Forgo Your Morning or Night Skincare Routine 

You may be visiting loved ones over the holidays, but that is not an excuse to go lax on your daily skincare regime.

Always pack your organic face serum, eye cream, moisturizers, face wash apart from your makeup kit. It is always best to use your own products – you know they suit your complexion. 

Never go to bed without removing the makeup. The extra five minutes spent on your skin will save you the trouble of dealing with dull, dry skin, even breakouts.

Exfoliate Religiously 

Exfoliation should be part of your skincare regime – once a week. 

During the holidays, we put on more makeup than on regular days, so exfoliating is of the utmost importance. You may be using a long-stay foundation to look stunning through those late-night outings and sleigh rides; exfoliation will remove impurities and dead skin cells to ensure the smooth application of the product.

Indulge in Some Eye TLC 

When you stay up late for holiday parties and treat yourself to eggnogs, you may wake up with dark circles and puffy eyes.

Chilled tea bags work wonders when it comes to reducing puffiness. So, think ahead and refrigerate a few tea bags when you have planned a night of fun and merriment.

Organic eye serums, like our Shunya Ultimate Eye Gel, will soothe and relax the areas around the eye while minimizing dark circles and fine lines.

Use Clean Makeup Brushes 

Your makeup brushes, from beauty blender to foundation brush, are used more than usual during the festive season. So, take extra care to keep them clean.  

Bottom Line 

Enjoy the holidays to the fullest, but don’t forget to nourish your skin. If your organic face serum and eye gel bottles are almost empty, shop from our online store.

Happy Holidays!