How To Take Care of Your Skin | 3 Steps to a Healthy Beauty Skin Care Routine
3 Steps to a Healthy Beauty Skin Care Treatment With all the natural skincare products on the market nowadays, how do you know what beauty skin care treatment will be the best for your skin and provide the best results? The truth is, you don’t.  That’s why I prefer a daily skin care regime tha...
Winter Comfort Food | Winter Nourishment: Striking Balance in the Colder Months
   Winter, recognized by its dark skies and cold weather, can often get a bad rap compared to its sister season Summer. The life outside our window begins to dull as Autumn's warm hues fade away, and the trees lose their leaves,   preparing for the onset of Winter. The natural world then turns a...
Dr. Neil Harris on Education- Modern- Wellness- Race
In conversation with Neil Harris, Phd. Principle of A-Tech High School, Founder of Urban Mosaic Center for Social Justice ((, Brooklyn, NYC We speak on the topic of education, race and activism around Modern Wellness and change today. Dr. Harris has dedicated his lif...
With Donna Delory on the Evolution of Yoga, Life and Music Today
In conversation with world renowned singer, dancer, songwriter Donna De Lory on her long established career in music and yoga as she navigates her life and mission during these challenging times. To Connect with Donna:
The Life and Work of Gurmukh, World Renowned Kundalini Yoga Teacher
With Gurmukh on her life and the path of the modern woman. We come to find out where she started and what led her to her prolific life of service and empowerment that she leads today. To connect with Gurmukh:
On the Frontlines of Covid_19, NYC with Dr. Nitin Ron, MD
With Dr. Nitin Ron, assistant director of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital - on the frontlines of the Global Covid 19 Pandemic in New York City. Dr. Ron’s new book written with his father : Pranayam Breathi...
What does Total Wellness Entail During Covid_19
We become familiar with the great work and presence of Sonia May Greaves, Naturopath, Herbalist and Wholistic Practitioner ( in Manchester, UK and distributor of in the UK, amidst the health and economic crisis of Covid_19. We discuss and investigate how to emerge ...
Carmen Curtis on Entrepreneurship, Motherhood and Artistry
In conversation with Carmen Curtis​ founder of AIReal Yoga - Aerial Yoga​,, Instagram : @carmencurtis1 We discuss her prolific life of motherhood, entrepreneurship and artistry that continues to evolve and grow into a life of service and exploration to this day.
Sophie Uliano on the Authenticity of Wellness and How to Thrive
In conversation with Sophie Uliano, New York Times best selling author and wellness expert on the changing times of whole health, crisis and the best way to navigate and stay above the clouds during the health pandemic and challenges of today. Connect with Sophie Uliano :
Chandanni Conversation Presents: Women Money Power Sisterhood
With Richele Maarie​, Entrepreneur and Women's Wellness Advocate on the topic of the modern women in life, business and transformation. We are in conversation and reflection of the changing roles of women today as she breaks glass ceilings, redesigns her life and innovates ways to achieve financ...
Chandanni @ Well-Being in the Mordern Age (WITMA), LA Edition

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