winter comfort food


 Winter, recognized by its dark skies and cold weather, can often get a bad rap compared to its sister season Summer. The life outside our window begins to dull as Autumn's warm hues fade away, and the trees lose their leaves,   preparing for the onset of Winter. The natural world then turns away from the external and begins their dive into the inner world, as new life is birthed beneath the surface waiting for Spring to blossom.

 Taking a cue from nature, we too should use this time of death and rebirth to shelter inside our homes and nestle even deeper into ourselves. By embracing this natural course, we can hope to find balance by nurturing and nourishing ourselves from the inside out.

Welcoming Rest and Saying Goodbye to Stress

The yin energy of Winter signifies that this is a time of rest and stillness. We see this signal painted in the sky as the days begin to grow shorter and the nights longer and colder. Our bodies react with this change, craving more time for rest and rejuvenation.
Honor this time by choosing to slow down your body and mind. Do some deep diving. Learn to move away from stress and allow your adrenal system—the glands responsible for producing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that are associated with the fight or flight response—to rest.
Look to the earth during these colder months to discover what nutrients your body needs. Grounding roots, herbs, and plants will nourish and calm the body. Healing adaptogens such as ashwagandha will provide the body with powerful antioxidants and anti-stress effects.
We've paired ashwagandha with cacao in our Organic Superfood Blend to reduce stress levels and fight inflammation. An essential blend for winding down this Winter, and allowing your body to rest and recuperate.

Create a Ritual With Winter Comfort Food

The cold temperatures associated with Winter encourage us to find peace and warmth within ourselves. Take this time to create a cozy physical environment that will allow you to explore your inner world through ritual and intention. Prepare a warm drink using our Organic Superfood Blend and drink once a day. Acknowledge that the herbs and nutrients within will help strengthen, balance, nourish, and protect you as you move forward.

Release What No Longer Serves You

The fluid yin energy of this season asks us to cleanse our minds and bodies of what no longer serves us. We are asked to release toxic buildup and to prepare a blank canvas for ourselves to grow from.
Clearing the internal buildup of stress and toxins within our body can radically shift our mood, appearance, stress, and energy levels, and so much more. Here at Chandanni, we have purposefully designed our 14 Day Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse to reset the body by effectively and efficiently restoring and rejuvenating the liver. 
This cleanse, alongside a healthy vegan diet, will shed excess weight, lower cholesterol, uplift your mood and energy levels, alkalize your body, and create balance and harmony within your internal world. Use this time to reflect, realign, and create new beginnings from the inside out.