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Beauty comes from a state of alignment and balance. Bring yourself into harmony, balance, beauty and well-being by introducing simple daily practices and techniques. The Radiant Beauty Workshop will introduce you to everyday beauty and wellness regimens while emphasizing the importance of finding ways to achieve inner harmony and whole health.


Ayurveda Basics + Meditation

A brief introduction to Ayurveda, the natural healing science of India led by Chandanni who will guide us through information and meditation techniques to enhance day-to-day well-being and radiance.

Dosha + Personalized Whole Health Evaluation

Find out what your dosha (or Body Type in Ayurvedic medicine) is and what foods and nutrients your body needs to propel you into vitality and whole health.

Q&A with Chandanni

Radiant Beauty Practical Demonstration

Chandanni will offer mini facials and educate us on the power of self massage and self care using products and tools to effectively harness inner and outer beauty balance and radiance.

Chandanni Miglino


Chandanni has spent the last seventeen years practicing integrated whole health and mindfulness. She is an Ayurvedic practitioner and after years of seeing clients and helping them achieve whole health, beauty, balance and radiance, has launched a powerful, effective and simple Ayurvedic product line. She is also Co-Founder of the Chandanni Scholarship Fund ( where they take children from underserved communities in the United States to places like India where they experience mindfulness and diversity.