Chandanni Miglino

CEO | Founder

All our products are cruelty free.



The Chandanni product line stems from the science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the science of Life. We use the highest grade natural and organic ingredients offering transformative and healing products for beauty, whole health and well-being We use no parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes or other harmful ingredients. I have been on the journey of awareness and well-being for over fifteen years. It wasn't until I started practicing Ayurveda that the bridge between internal and external health fell into place for me. I spent a number of years as an Ayurvedic Practitioner making teas, tinctures, ointments and remedies for myself, friends, family and clients. It was at that point I realized there was a great demand for simple and effective products using natural and organic ingredients. The root of Ayurveda is to move continuously back into balance. Our line of beauty and health products supports this truth.

- Chandanni Miglino


"First and foremost, Chandanni’s 14 day Ayurvedic Liver Cleanse has been one of the most profound experiences in my life, physically, mentally and spiritually.I have never loved myself, I have never felt totally connected to myself and I really didn’t take full responsibility for my health until I embarked on this journey.I have always looked outwardly for answers, for help with certain issues regarding my health and well being. For me, this cleanse far surpasses the 14 days, it has now become a huge part of my life, in ways that I could not imagine before. I am now a vegan and as I spoke with chandanni, she is going to help me stay an alkaline vegan because the benefits it has had on my body amaze me and have healed me. For example, before this cleanse I suffered from very severe neck pain, between constant MRI’s, chiropractor and orthopedic appointments, and pharmaceuticals; well nothing worked maybe a symptom or two were alleviated for a few hours but nothing ever long term not to mention the time and money, what a waste. They all thought they could ‘fix me’ and that was never the case. However, it was almost instantaneous when I began this journey on the liver cleanse and the alkaline vegan diet that the severity of my neck pain diminished almost completely, my quality of life became just that quality. I was amazed that the inflammation was gone which chandanni says ‘inflammation is the root of all bad things!’ I couldn’t agree more.I thought I was living the dream until my body actually woke up on this journey, this cleanse.My family told me many wonderful things that they observed about me on this cleanse but two I will share with you. They said that I was radiating with glow and that I was speaking so eloquently about myself and about the world around me.In closing, I truly learned what it feels like to love myself as I have always searched for ways, self help books, etc to learn how to love myself not realizing to love myself starts from the inside, as does beauty and much much more.Thank you endlessly chandanni for creating this journey and being there for me everyday and every step of the way, this is something that is not a one and done, I will be back in a few months for the fall liver cleanse cleaning. xoxxx
P.S. If anyone is thinking about doing this liver cleanse and is on the fence, like many of us were before, just let that negative and indecissive feeling wash over you like a wave and embark on it, commit fully and when you will reap the benefits you will be so happy that you chose this path to whole health and enlightenment! "

Peter the Third

"Chandanni's lifestyle counseling and ayuverda products has changed my life, from the people I allow in, the food I put inside, and the products on my skin. She has helped me become more in tune with myself and how to live fully in a world with so much pollution. I highly recommend Chandanni for anything related to health, wellness, and beauty."

Rhana Hashimi

"Thank you Chandanni for sharing your energy and wisdom.  I really looked forward every morning to my delicious berry shake.  I have become a oatmeal lover and have felt much stronger eating within your guidelines.  My skin is glowing and I fell fabulous. I will take many of these new habits into my daily life. I truly thank you for all your motivational emails each morning that really helped me to keep to the guidelines.


"Thank you Chandanni, I don't want this to end. I've never felt better, your kind words and direction were spot on. My skin and hair look so good and everyone comments. I can't wait for the next one in three or for four months."

Karen Bellatoni

"Chandanni, I found your products in December 2016. The best products I've ever found. The Face Grace Rose is amazing. And love the face wash. When I use the products I honestly feel a shield around me. And it makes my skin glow. If I'm having a yucky time and I put it on, I feel better. Thank you!!!!! You've made a wonderful thing that I couldn't find anywhere else."

Erika Grace Rockwell

"Renovado y revitalizado! El 'Liver Cleanse' es lo mejor!"

Moisés A. León

"I love face grace and wear it every night! and my chandanni mala! Your energy is so inspiring."

Chandni Prem Anubhuti

"Liver Cleanse - I'm so happy today. My skin is radiating! You were true. Eyes are shining, like I'm about to cry! And my mind is being blown away constantly with small things I'm allowed to witness. All good, all great."

Arturo Marroquin

"Feeling whole is something we lose sight of or perhaps take for granted when we are young. The Chandanni Liver Cleanse allows the body to rid itself of unnecessary toxins and be whole again."

Iseult Young

"Thank you very much for this life changing opportunity, I feel different in so many ways, my body and my mind are clearer thanks to this great experience and I am sure my body will thank and reward me for this."

Julio Gonzalez

"The Liver Cleanse is irreplaceable. The first time is difficult and you may spend some time angry at Chandanni, but after the first week, you start to slowly love her again and by the end you feel amazing, shifted and more aware. I'll definitely do the cleanse every three months to check in, check up and clean out. Oh yah ... her other products ROCK too!!!!"

Marc Savas